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Wedding day film 

As a former film student, I take a visual approach while filming and editing projects. My wedding films are styled, cinematic, and uniquely tailored to your big day. While I am open to requests, my techniques, creative decisions, and overall methodology is exclusive to my own signature style. My promise to you, however, is that I will create your project with integrity, dedication, and love!

Wedding Day Cinema Highlight Reel 

I am a one person team, so this will not be a big production, however that doesn’t mean the quality of your wedding film will be compromised. This video will capture all of the important details of your big day, while also preserving the integrity of your wedding. I take a fly-on-the-wall approach and believe the focus should be on the bride & groom, and not on the camera. 

My Legacy Remembered offers three unique wedding video packages:


Wedding Day Cinema Feature

A 25-30 minute feature that captures defining moments of your big day weaved together with general ambiance and key portions of dialog to make your very own cinematic wedding film. You may choose 2 songs to be edited into your feature. You will receive 1 Blu-ray copy along with an mp4 digital copy. 



Wedding Day Cinema Highlight Reel

An 8-12 minute mini-feature that can be shared onto your social media and web pages. This includes 1 Blu-ray copy along with an MP4 digital copy. This can also be airdropped via apple device during time of delivery to make sharing even easier!



Wedding Day Cinema Package

Includes both a 25-30 minute wedding day cinema feature along with an 8-12 minute highlight reel to share on social media. You will receive 1 Blu-ray copy of the feature, along with an MP4 digital copy of the highlight reel (which can also be airdropped via apple device). 




Drone footage of venue (if permitted)- $75.00

This can take your wedding day film to the next level with aerial views. This is great for picturesque venues or remote locations! 

Additional Songs (up to 3, available for feature only)- $7.00 per song. 

Additional Blu-ray- $25 each

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