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Please choose up to 10 questions:

Interview questions

1.) What do you value the most in life?

2.) What are you most grateful for in life?

3.) What gets you most excited about life?

4.) Looking back at your younger self, say your 20’s and 30’s, What do you wish you would’ve spent more time doing?

5.) If you were to go back and meet your 20 year old self, what advice would you give him/her?

6.) What does happiness look like to you? Describe your perfect day?


7.) What is the biggest difference between who you were as a

youth/young-adult and who you are today?


8.) What is your biggest regret?


9.) What has been your most proud moment in life so far? How about least proud?


10.) If you could say something to every person in the world, what would you say?


11.) If you could go back and relive one day, what would it be?


12.) What is something you wish you would’ve done differently?


13.) What would you say is your most desirable trait? What about least desirable?


14.) If you could eliminate one thing in the world, what would it be and why?


15.) If there was one thing you could change about the world, what would it be?


16.) What is your most beloved childhood memory?


17.) What has been the most defining moment in your life so far?


18.) When life gets you down, what lifts your spirit up the most?


19.) What has “being human” meant for you?


20.) What is something you could never live without?


21.) If you could master a new skill, what would it be?


22.) Who in your life have you turned to the most in times of need?


23.) If you were stranded on an island with 5 other people, who would you hope to be stuck with?


24.) If you and every person you loved were in the same room right now, what would you say to them?


25.) What is something you wish your parents would have done differently? What is something you yourself wish you would have done differently as a parent?


26.) Are you a religious or spiritual person? What do you think happens to us when we die?


27.) When you think of being “in love” who comes to mind and why?


28.) What is one life lesson you’ve had to learn the hard way?


29.) What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?


30.) What do you consider the most overrated life decisions?


31.) What is the hardest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in life? How did you get through it?


32.) What is something you will never get tired of?


33.) According to you, what feeds the soul?


34.) What do you wish to be remembered for?


35.) Feel free to write your own question(s) here:

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